Deprecation of utility Integrations

Akahu has always been focused on providing best-in-class integrations with bank and financial institutions. To maintain this focus we have decided to remove support for our "Utility" integrations:

  • Power and gas companies
  • Telco and internet providers
  • Transport providers
  • Sky TV, Watercare, and TradeMe.

While these integrations were certainly nice to have, we ultimately decided to remove support for a few reasons:

  • Maintenance burden. Keeping these utility integrations running was taking valuable time an energy away from our more highly used integrations.
  • Low coverage. We were never able to support all utility companies in New Zealand, and new ones are arriving all the time.
  • Low usage. Few people were using these integrations.

We envisage some of these integrations coming back when Consumer Data Right regulation has rolled out and we can provide consistent and highly functional connectivity across other sectors.

Until then, we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, but rest assured we're working hard to make our existing integrations even better!