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WEBHOOK Event not receiving

Hi , I implement the user webhook subscription successfully. But once I revoke access from akahu. I am not receiving any request from akahu on my provided webhook api end point. I have provided webhook restfull api post url. I also try the webhook events api with sent/fail/retry status it returns empty list. What I am doing wrong?

Where to set webhook url

I want to set multiple webhooks url for multiple env. Help is appreciated.

Unable to Transfer between accounts of two different user on my dev app

I am trying to transfer amount from user A connected akahu account to user B connected Akahu account. it always give me invalid destination account response. But I can make transfer from user A's one account to another account. Is it possible that I can make transfers between different user connected accounts???

Unable to make payment

Is there any way I can make transfer from the account, I have been unable to make transfer out to other account

Payment Permission

Is there a way to disable Payment Permission? It seems like it's on by default and can't be unticked? I want to make sure there is no way to create payments through the platform.

Manual Refresh

Hi Been trying to do a refresh by doing a post request to https://api.akahu.io/v1/refresh The request looks like this: curl --request POST \ --url https://api.akahu.io/v1/refresh \ --header 'Accept: application/json' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer user_token_********************' \ --header 'X-Akahu-Id: app_token_**********************' (I've blanked out the user and app tokens... but know they work, as used them to fetch transactions fine) I keep getting back a 403 error and this message: { "success": false, "message": "Forbidden" } I've tried using the API explorer on the akahu website, as well as using PostMan and get the same result. What am I doing wrong? Jake

Specifying own to/from reference & code with transfer

Hi, So I was wanting to transfer money between a users own accounts but noticed that there's no documented way to provide a description along with the transaction amount, from/to acc's. Is there plans to include this in the Transfers API? https://developers.akahu.nz/docs/making-a-transfer I could probably do this as a payment but seems odd to do this between the users own accounts. I would like to be able to provide things like reference so I could keep track of payments easily in things like Pocket Smith. Thanks

Developer Page not loading

Hi, I tried to test out your api and it worked great until I connected an account and then all my requests from that point even from your site were forbidden and the developer page in the app wouldn't load?

Test users / test environment?

Hey there, Are there test users that can be used when integrating with Akahu? i.e. to test authentication without using "real" banking information Thank you!

Slack workspace for developers

We invite you to join slack.akahu.io. This is a dedicated workspace for developers that are working with Akahu's API. Our developers are on hand to support you with any questions.