Introducing Wallet Accounts

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Exposing Category Data

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Deprecation of utility Integrations

Akahu has always been focused on providing best-in-class integrations with bank and financial institutions. To maintain this focus we have decided to remove support for our "Utility" integrations:


BNZ Enduring Consent Returns

Due to the stalling of BNZ's processes to grant Akahu officially sanctioned API access, Akahu has fallen back to our previous method of providing access to BNZ customer data.


Introducing the new payment status_code field

As of today, a new status_code field will be available on all payments initiated through Akahu that do not successfully complete (i.e. payments that are assigned a status of ERROR, DECLINED, or CANCELLED). The purpose of this new field is to provide a programmer-friendly way for apps to take action based on the reason for payment failure.


Introducing the Parties Endpoint for Identity Data (beta)

Akahu is announcing the release of a new (beta) endpoint: /parties 🥳. This endpoint provides identity data relating to the parties that are registered at the institutions that your users connect to your application.


Introducing the Income Endpoints (beta)

Today Akahu is releasing brand new beta endpoints: The /income endpoints!


BNZ Enduring Consent Removal

BNZ recently made a change that would require Akahu to provide BNZ account connectivity via “screen scraping”.


Introducing the Akahu SDK for Javascript

Today we are introducing our JS SDK, which makes interacting with the Akahu API simple and straightforward.


Deprecated User ID in webhook events endpoint

The _user field on webhook events was intended to make it easier to match up which events were sent to which of the recipient's users. In hindsight, this is not terribly useful, and duplicates what the state parameter is supposed to be doing.