Exposing Category Data

Hey everyone! 👋

We are happy to announce some changes (improvements) to how we expose categorisation on our enriched transactions, and how we expose categories overall.
Of course an example is worth a thousand words, so head over to the docs to see the latest examples, but in short:

  • transaction.category.components has been deprecated. It's still there until the 1st of March 2023, but please consider moving to...
  • transaction.category.groups has been added. This uses a map structure instead of an array, and exposes stable IDs for each group.
  • The old nzfcc:pfm (found in the components array) has been renamed to personal_finance in the groups map - much clearer!
  • We are exposing the new /categories and /categories/{id} API endpoints, which offer a programmatic way to get information about the categories available.
  • We have published, which offers a easy way to explore and download the categories that we use in our enrichment. We hope to see others pick up these category codes - we've worked hard to make sure that they're a really good fit for New Zealanders.

We hope these changes make it simpler and easier to use our enriched data - if you have any issues with migrating, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!