Introducing the Parties Endpoint for Identity Data (beta)

Akahu is announcing the release of a new (beta) endpoint: /parties 🥳. This endpoint provides identity data relating to the parties that are registered at the institutions that your users connect to your application.

This identity data differs from the account holder name and address data that you may retrieve using the existing /accounts endpoint because it relates to the user profile information at the connected institution rather than any specific account held within.

We're excited to release this endpoint as it provides higher quality and more diverse identity information compared to our existing sources, allowing our customers to build better experiences for their users. We expect this data to be particularly useful for know-your-customer (KYC) use-cases. A call to GET /parties can provide you with (depending on you app's permissions):

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Tax (IRD) number

This new endpoint is available to all apps that already have access to identity data by means of account holder name and/or address, however the types of identity data that we return will be limited by your existing app permissions. If you require access to additional data such as date of birth, mobile number, email address etc. get in touch with our team on slack and we'll get you sorted with the right permissions.

/parties has also been enabled for all personal apps with permissions for all available identity data enabled by default. If you haven’t used Akahu personal apps before, they are a simple self-serve way for developers to get started using the Akahu API with your own data.

Are we missing something obvious? Data in a funny format? This endpoint is still in beta, so we're looking for any feedback you might have!