Personal Apps

Get started with the Akahu API using a personal app


A personal app is the easiest way to get started using Akahu APIs, however there are several important differences and limitations when compared to a full Akahu app. These are outlined in the table below:

Personal AppFull App
PricingFreeUsage based1
User limit1 user (restricted to your own Akahu account)Unlimited
Payment limits$5,000 per payment, $10,000 total per day2Configurable (default no limits)
Scheduled refresh cadenceDailyCustomisable3 (default daily)
Manual refresh rest period1 HourCustomisable3 (default 15 mins)

1You won't be billed for a full app during development/testing.

2Limits don't apply to transfers between your own accounts.

3Changes to default refresh limits may affect pricing.


Before we make our first API request, you will need:

  • To create an Akahu profile at and connect your first account.
  • A User Access Token (user_token_111111111111111111111111)
  • An App ID Token (app_token_111111111111111111111111)

You can get your App + User tokens by signing into Akahu and going to the "Developers" page.

If you have not yet created a personal app, you will need to agree to our Developer Terms and click the button labeled "Continue". You will then need to complete identity verification and set up multi-factor authentication.

Once you have completed these steps your app will be created and your User Access Token and App ID Token will be shown to you.

The other fields on this page are explained in our Advanced Setup Guide.


Note: When you first create a new personal app, both payment and transfer permissions will be disabled. If you wish to use these features from your personal app, you will need to enable them. See our Advanced Setup Guide for more details.

Making Your First Request

Now that you are set up, make a GET request to our "me" endpoint at
You will need to include these authorisation headers:

Authorization: Bearer <<apiKey>>
X-Akahu-ID: <<appToken>>

Where the Authorization token is your User Access Token, and X-Akahu-ID is your App ID Token.

You will get a response in our standard response format with your user details - congratulations! You've successfully accessed your own data!

You might want to adjust the permissions your personal app has, in which case check out our Advanced Setup Guide.

Otherwise, see one of our Quick Start Guides or our Full API Documentation and start building!