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App Secret for Personal Apps

Hi there, Do personal apps come with an app secret when created? Or is that only for the paid accounts? <br> Cheers.

Endpoints not returning any data

Hi, I've attempted to use the /transactions endpoint and the /accounts endpoint with my personal app; it does have permissions to these endpoints. However, I just received responses with empty lists in the items parameter of the response. I am using Kiwibank for this; I am unsure if I have done something wrong or what is happening because I get successful responses but just no data.

Specifying own to/from reference & code with transfer

Hi, So I was wanting to transfer money between a users own accounts but noticed that there's no documented way to provide a description along with the transaction amount, from/to acc's. Is there plans to include this in the Transfers API? https://developers.akahu.nz/docs/making-a-transfer I could probably do this as a payment but seems odd to do this between the users own accounts. I would like to be able to provide things like reference so I could keep track of payments easily in things like Pocket Smith. Thanks

Slack workspace for developers

We invite you to join slack.akahu.io. This is a dedicated workspace for developers that are working with Akahu's API. Our developers are on hand to support you with any questions.