Authenticate with Akahu's one-off API using Basic HTTP authentication

Authorization Header

All requests for one-off data retrieval must be authenticated using HTTP Basic Authentication, using your App ID Token as the username and your App Secret as the password:

// Join the App ID Token and App Secret with a ":" then base64 encode the result
const credentials = base64(`${APP_TOKEN}:${APP_SECRET}`);
// Set the Authorization header for your requests using the base64 encoded credentials
const headers = { Authorization: `Basic ${credentials}` };

Authorization Code URL Parameter

Upon a user's successful completion of the one-off account connection flow, they will be redirected to your application's registered redirect_uri. The redirect will include an authorization code by means of a URL query parameter named code. The value of this code will begin with id_....

The provided authorization code is used to uniquely identify this particular one-off data retrieval result. This code must be included in the URL path of each API request to retrieve the data relating to this specific result.