Get one-off access to a user's account data

Akahu's one-off account connectivity allows users to share data held by their financial institution with your application on a one-off basis. Using the one-off API, your application can access a point-in-time snapshot of the user's data at the time of consent.

The base URL path for all one-off API endpoints is

One-off account connectivity differs from enduring account connectivity in a number of ways:

  • Akahu doesn't authenticate the user (they don't need to provide their email address or enter a one-time-passcode). We simply sign in to their financial institution on the user's behalf and fetch the data that is relevant for your request.
  • Data retrieved via a one-off connection is made available via this API for 30 days from the time of consent. After that it is deleted.
  • While similar, the data returned from this API may follow slightly different schemas compared to the data retrieved via an enduring account connection.
  • The two types of account connectivity are not interchangeable; there is no way to "upgrade" a one-off connection to an enduring one or vice versa.
  • One-off connectivity is significantly more limited in scope in terms of the types of data that can be retrieved.
  • One-off connectivity is read only - it cannot be used to initiate payments or transfers.


Looking for one-off identity verification? For legacy reasons this endpoint is available under the domain. See GET /identity/{id}.