Transaction Support

Let us know when we get something wrong πŸ™.
The request body should match the type of request you are making:

Notify Us Of A Duplicate

type"DUPLICATE"Let us know that two Akahu transactions are actually the same transaction in the bank.
other_id"trans_1111111111111111111111111"The duplicate transaction ID.

Notify Us Of An Enrichment Error

type"ENRICHMENT_ERROR"Let us know when we get something wrong.
fields[ ""]A list of dot-separated paths to the incorrect values
comment"X should be Y"Additional info you want to include.

Suggest An Improvement To Enrichment Data

type"ENRICHMENT_SUGGESTION"Let us know about further enrichment that can be applied to this transaction transaction in the bank.
comment"Can you please add X to Y?"The enrichment information you want to tell us about.
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