Supported Integrations

Akahu supports integrations with many 3rd parties

Our range of integrations have been driven by demand from developers. If you're interested in integrations that are not listed below, let us know and we can assess the feasibility of building them.

The bank integrations are generally stable and consistent in terms of functionality. Non-bank integrations are more variable because the providers tend to offer different functionality in their consumer apps.

Akahu currently supports the following 3rd party integrations:


All banks support accounts, transactions, standing orders, transfers and payments

BNZ recently made a change that would require Akahu to provide BNZ account connectivity via “screen scraping”. While this is a common process in New Zealand (and used by banks such as BNZ in their own supply chains), we consider it to be an insecure method. Therefore we are not currently supporting BNZ customers at this time. We are working on alternative solutions, and will update this page when the situation changes.

Kiwisaver + Investments

Where possible Akahu provides access to the portfolio and investment breakdown

Other Finance




Power + Gas + Water



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